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Production Systems and Logistic Systems

The goal of the Production Systems and Logistic Systems group is the development of novel approaches for the design of robust and efficient manufacturing systems and logistic systems.
Its research focuses on the understanding of the interrelations between the material flow as the dynamical component and the structure as the topological component of a complex logistic network. This includes the analysis of the impact of disturbances and fluctuations, the design of robust manufacturing systems, and the design of interfaces between local manufacturing systems and global logistic structures.
Today's production systems are no longer isolated factories at a single location, but they are global logistic networks, composed of a variety of suppliers, contract manufacturers, and distribution channels. In parallel to the material flow there is an information flow including huge amounts of data. The potential of this information is still waiting to be utilized for logistics.
The group investigates the above mentioned and related issues within the framework of projects for fundamental research, applied research, and contract research.
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